Saturday, August 18, 2007

okay it's my forth blog!!!!

okay so i am at my dads house, and it is pretty awesome!!!!
my other puppie gizmo is being as cute as ever!!!!
so i have been in school for three weeks, and it is still so awesome,
so ya i guess that is all for today,
lots of love,


Anonymous said...

Well it is neat that you are over at your Dad's. Tell him hi for me and Im glad your other dog is being cute as can be. Sounds like you really like school and I know you all are smart as can be. Keep up the good work in school. Hugggs to my very cute Jenn Jenn...


John said...

Hi Jenn: Glad to see that you can get on your blog. I like the ping-pong song on your blog when it first opens up. Hope you have a great weekend and a even greater week. I'm sure you will. Love ya.

The Goldman Family said...

YOU have A blog!!! sweet!

T-Bones said...

cool school! school is in session on my truck. i'm the teach and ken is the student. but he's not as cute as your dog!

Ginger said...

Jennifer love your blog. Love that you enjoy school and have lots of friends. Tell your Dad hi from me too. Love you and see you soon. Grandma Ginger