Friday, August 31, 2007

bad day!!!!!!!!!!!

okay so today was a bad day but i can get over it, so it started out me getting up late and i had no time to get ready, so then my sister took me to school and we hit a curb really hard and dented something on the tire so we were stuck in the road!!!!!!!!! so then we waited forever till this really nice person helped and let us use his phone, so we called our mom and she said Keith will be hear soon, so we waited and waited and my grandma came so we all waited for Keith until he finally got her so our grandma took us to school and we were late to school and i missed my first period class so during the day i also had a million tests that i wasn't ready for, but after school was great i saw my dad, then we went out to eat then i saw gizmo, my dads puppy, again!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry your day started out not so good. To bad about the car and you being late for school. Look on the bright side tho , no one was hurt and your Grandma did come and Keith came and you got to see your dad and his pup that made you happy. Some days are just like that but like you said it ended up happy. So tomorrow will be much better cause for one thing it is Saturday and you can spend it relaxing. I love you Jenn and you are my sweet heart.

John said...

Hi Jenn: What a day you and the girls had! At least no one got hurt, and no one else was involved. I went by after my therapy and looked at the car; not good. Will take about a week to be repaired.

Ginger said...

Well said Chicky. Yes...I was called and was there in five one was hurt but the car will need repaired. The good thing was that the guy that stopped to help before I got there was from Northwest Christian School where Joshua and Justin attend. What a small world and he was so nice and helpful.

Jennifer...I know your day started out bad but it did get better and the best thing of all was no one got hurt. Love Grandma Ginger


i know it ended out real good!!!!

Devin said...

Sorry you had such a bad day, like everyone else said at least it was good at the end.

T-Bones said...

is the curb ok? do you know how many curbs i see a day that have damage from vehicles? if i had a dime for every one i'd be rich.

Destiny Jane said...

To bad you had a bad day:( Well, it ended out good... right? :D
Oh, one more thing, on my blog I posted a picture of you and me with Grandpa Great when we were really little. It's with a whole bunch of other pics so you'll have to scroll down to find it.
Okay, talk later alligator:)